About Us

Trippy Pins was founded in September 2013. We’ve been trending ever since.

We had a background in streetwear manufacturing and created custom pins for friends/associates as favors. 

Around this time Instagram was really starting to catch on so we opened our account and started posting pictures of the custom work. We received a lot of messages asking where to buy the pins and would refer the interested parties to whoever we made them for. 

Eventually we concluded our own catalog of pins would be a great way to market our products. So we reached out to a number of artists, formed relationships and started collaborating. 6 Years later we have worked with some big names, built a massive catalog of 150+ pin designs and have evolved into a one-stop shop offering custom everything from pins to slides.

In addition to the diverse range of products offered we have a very strict focus on quality. We will not attach our name to ill-made products and offer the highest quality promotional products for our clients.

Customer service is a very important factor in our business. We treat every customer with the Golden Rule which differentiates us from the pack and builds brand loyalty. We treat your deadline like our deadline and will move mountains to get your product delivered on time. If ever there is a production mistake on our end we take full responsibility and re-make your order at our expense. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, we thank you in advance for considering us as your manufacturer. 



We Put The Custom in Customer At Trippy Pins